About Belgrade

Belgrade is located in the north part of central Serbia and Balkans.

Population: With population of almost 2 000 000 people living and working in it, Belgrade represents the biggest Serbian city and the 2nd largest city in Balkans, after Athens.

Language: Official language is Serbian, but most of Belgrade’s population speaks English, so there are not big problems with communication.

Currency: Official currency is Serbian Dinar and also all payments must be in Serbian Dinars. Foreign currency can be exchanged in officialexchange offices, post offices or banks. Cash may be taken from ATMs installed in all major malls, bank branch offices and in public places 365 days in a year, 24 hours a day.

The current exchange rate can be checked on the website of the National Bank of Serbia.

Public transport:

From the „Nikola Tesla“ airport there are several lines. Bus line 72 is a part of official Belgrade public transportation. It will take you from the „Nikola Tesla“ airport to the center of the city through New Belgrade.

For more information you can check prices of tickets on the: WEBSITE
Line A1 is part of private transport from the „Nikola Tesla“ airport to Slavija square in the center of the city, also through New Belgrade. Ticket price is 300 dinars.
There are also a lot of taxies at the taxi stations in front of the „Nikola Tesla“ airports. Please note that you should take only taxies on taxi stations;

From the bus or train station you can easily get to the center of the city with different bus or tram lines or with any taxi.

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